Rodrigo Lopez

Rodrigo López, Webb Scholar

KIPP San Jose Collegiate

Rodrigo, a story-lover by heart, is a KIPP San Jose Collegiate graduate. Having grown up listening to the “Adventures of Jorgito”– his father’s self-inspired childhood stories, Rodrigo quickly realized the power of stories in conveying powerful messages. Attempting to craft one of his own, Rodrigo participated in his school’s theater club, bringing 3 of their largest plays to life. Having interacted with people on and off stage, Rodrigo found a passion for service. From volunteering as an English teacher for Latin American children to creating STEM resources such as career discovery panels and newsletters, Rodrigo is devoted to amplifying the educational success and stories of his cultural and scholastic communities. Additionally, interning at Stanford’s endocrinology department allowed Rodrigo to develop a passion for medical research and insulin therapeutics. With his story, service experience, and research, as an aspiring nurse, Rodrigo hopes to inspire and amplify his patient’s stories. Rodrigo is looking forward to attending the University of California, Berkeley in the fall and majoring in chemistry.