Paola Munoz Rojas

Paola Munoz Rojas is a career coach, college advisor, facilitator, and research scholar. She works to leverage data and social capital across different stakeholders to propel FG/LI BIPoC students into their academic/career pathways. Paola hails as a first-gen South Bronx native. She holds a master’s degree in anthropology and education from Columbia, completing her master’s thesis on the intergenerational healing practices employed by WoC peer-facilitated support groups/social movements within NYC. Paola also completed her bachelor’s in human development at Cornell. Currently, she is a career success manager at Project Basta where she works with fellows transitioning into job searchers to obtain full-time employment while addressing financial security/stability, debunking meritocracy, and affirming transferrable skills, as well as non-linear career trajectories. Previously, she worked as a senior college success Advisor at Bottom Line, co-leading the Affirming Student Identities Committee’s Healing Spaces. Her more creative advocacy pursuits can be found through her pieces within the HuffPost.

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