Nicole Franco

House Committee on Education and Labor

Nicole Franco is a Sophomore at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where they are majoring in Sociology with specialization in Inequality & Social Justice and a minor in Law. They are currently pursuing a career in higher education, bioethics, or science policy. They hope to provide BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community members with accessibility to proper and affordable medical resources and information, especially in low-income communities. On campus, Nicole has been involved as a college-wide representative for the student council. When not in the classroom, Nicole is an executive youth board member for the Graybridge Foundation, a nonpartisan nonprofit that offers a breakthrough platform for individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations to stand together and take action against racism through a series of activities and modules. Aside from their nonprofit experience, Nicole has been a guest speaker for multiple groups including The Presidential Leadership Scholars and The Global Good Fund, encouraging youth to utilize their passions for change.