Megan Schenauer

KIPP BOLD Academy | Newark, NJ

Since 2018, Ms. Schenauer’s Megan’s students have consistently outperformed the district and the state on several assessments. Eighty percent of her students are proficient in the PARCC assessment, the highest across KIPP New Jersey. She’s an outside-the-box thinker who isn’t afraid to use unique ideas to reach her students, from dressing up to bringing props. She does chants and cheers because she knows 8th graders still love them. Every year, she asks for the most challenging students, then works with their families to create a plan for their educational breakthrough.

“Everyone wants to be in Megan’s class because she’s known for having a loving, safe environment where everyone achieves. She gives students opportunities to try group work, even in a post-COVID world, and wants everyone to have fun.” —Lisa Bonnifield, KIPP New Jersey School Leader