Matthew Greenberg

KIPP Star Harlem College Prep Elementary School | NYC, NY

Mr. Greenberg believes the best way for students to learn is to empower them. Students in his class don’t depend solely on him for instruction. Rather than creating an environment where learners are dependent on their teacher for all of the answers, Matthew reminds them of their successes and their ability to “do hard things.” When students have shown their best effort, he places them with a partner so that they can teach each other. It’s why, year after year, >75% of his students met or exceeded reading and math benchmarks before the pandemic. His classes run like a well-oiled machine, allowing him to give daily, individualized feedback.

“Matthew would say there is nothing special about his teaching. I would say he is right because everything about his teaching is special! It is amazing!”—Brandi Vardiman, KIPP NYC Founding School Leader