Martina Ramos

KIPP Aspire Academy | San Antonio, TX

As a San Antonio native, Ms. Ramos fully understands the educational rigors needed to ensure student success. For the last 11 years as a KIPP teacher, she has focused on the “whole” child to help students achieve greatness. Mr. Ramos strives to exemplify social and emotional learning in the classroom by teaching self-management skills, relationship building, and self-awareness. In her classroom, all students are engaged, pushed to do better, and supported in various ways that reflect their learning styles. In addition, she’s always willing to help or model any skills she assigns to teachers she coaches. Ms. Ramos is also a proud KIPP Parent, her daughter Ebony will graduate with the University Prep class of 2022 in May and her son will be graduating in 2025 as the first founding K-12 class of 2025.

“From the moment you walk into Ms. Ramos’ classroom, you can distinguish her inclusive environment by cultural and identity affirming representation in books, content, and language. Ms. Ramos works endlessly to value her students’ opinions, ideas, and thoughts by providing opportunities and space for them to advocate and use their voices.” —Jaime Jaen, KIPP Texas Public Schools – San Antonio School Leader