Maria Christina Gonzalez

KIPP Promesa Prep, Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Gonzalez is not only a founding teacher at KIPP Promesa Prep, but a KIPP parent as well! Since 2015, her Spanish students have achieved mastery for their grade level at nearly 90 percent or higher. Having grown up in the Boyle Heights community of East LA, she is committed to ensuring that her students are proud of their shared community and Latinx heritage. By giving her students the skills and knowledge they need to master the Spanish language, she helps bolster her students’ sense of identity and belonging.

“Christina is the most committed, most humble, most giving person I know, and this all translates into her being an amazing teacher for our KIPP students,” says Adriana Rodriguez, Principal of KIPP Promesa Prep. “She is the heart of our school, the mom of our team, the first to step in and help whenever needed.”