LaDerrick Williams

KIPP Memphis Collegiate Middle | Memphis, TN

Mr. Williams spends as much time as possible with his students at KIPP Memphis Collegiate Middle. He stays late at school on most days, including working on weekends to plan and prepare for the week. He works with students at lunch, and before and after school, providing a listening ear for whoever needs it. Mr. Williams’ accommodation of learning styles for his special education students led to them meeting goals and exceeding growth measures, a likely byproduct of missing zero workdays in the 2021-22 school year and only three missed days over the past five years.

“When observing his class at any time of the day during the week, all of his students are fully engaged with the lesson. He makes the information accessible to all students and leaves them with smiles on their faces. Students love learning from him.” —Natasha Smith, KIPP Memphis School Leader