Khalil Idris

Khalil Boone, KIPP Next Up early stage entrepreneur

KIPP New Jersey Alumnus

Khalil was born in Newark, New Jersey. He started his journey with KIPP in the sixth grade at KIPP NJ’s first school, TEAM Academy. He went on to attend the first KIPP high school in New Jersey: Newark Collegiate Academy. NCA is where he began his entrepreneurial endeavors, selling candy and sneakers to schoolmates. In 2011 he began his collegiate career at Rutgers University as a business management major and started concentrating on entrepreneurship. He eventually started his own clothing brand on campus, “Amenity” and produced and sold clothing out of his dorm to students on campus and via his commerce site. In 2013, Khalil dropped out of school to focus solely on his business. In the midst of building his brand, he started interning for fashion designers in Manhattan. While interning, he completed two years at Essex County College with a concentration in Marketing and Economics. After school, Khalil spent five weeks in South Africa developing new athletic programs for primary school students. In 2016 Khalil began his luxury brand, Khalil Idris, where he sells Made-to-Order shoes for men and women. Khalil is currently building his two brands and pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in FinTech at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family, playing basketball, building his brand and traveling.

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