José Hernández

KIPP University Prep High School | San Antonio, TX

Mr. Hernández is one of the most successful teachers in UPrep history. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, 100% of his students passed the school’s Higher Level IB Spanish B course. He aided in founding the Hispanic National Honor Society and taught every level of Spanish at KIPP University Prep for the past ten years. Mr. Hernández creates a relationship with students by allowing them to share cultural experiences and learn from one another. His classrooms are structured based on his deep knowledge of students’ strengths and weaknesses, encouraging them to support each other.

“José shares multiple identity markers with our student body which students said made them feel more comfortable and connected to him as their teacher. He centers on historically marginalized voices while considering cultural connections and differences when planning lessons with other colleagues.”—Abby Morton-Garland, KIPP University Prep School Leader