Jauan T. Durbin

Jauan T. Durbin is a proud alumnus of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. As a proud, openly queer individual, Jauan has used his platform as a community organizer and youth activist to advocate for and amplify the youth’s voices and marginalized individuals and communities around the country. In hopes of being a radiating light in this world, Jauan has allowed his activism and advocacy to lead the way throughout his professional career. This has made way for him to be recognized as a Forbes Under 30 Scholar in addition to national highlights from Vice News, Revolt TV, and Ebony Magazine and a national surrogate for the Biden-Harris campaign, to name a few. Jauan currently serves as a community captain for the Accelerate in Action program in collaboration with ViiV Healthcare— where he focuses on planning and executing events that support young adults in the Atlanta area.

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