Jamar Brownlee

KIPP West Philadelphia Elementary Academy | Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Brownlee does it all. He’s planned field trips, field lessons, and partnered with families while demanding excellence from his students. As a fourth-grade homeroom teacher, 20 out of his 26 students met or exceeded their growth targets in mathematics. His work extends outside the classroom. He finds time to attend football games and dance recitals, and provides instruction to those who need it with Zoom and Facetime calls. Furthermore, Mr. Brownlee helps students advocate for themselves through honest conversations about historical and current events.

“It is truly remarkable to walk into the space that Mr. Brownlee is teaching. Engagement is through the roof always. Rigorous content is being discussed and worked on by kids daily. There is a true culture of learning where he constantly pushes kids to show how brilliant they are.” —Sean Tucker, KIPP Philadelphia School Leader