Iteoluwa Aladesanmi

KIPP King Collegiate High School

Iteoluwa “Tutu” Aladesanmi is a senior at KIPP King Collegiate High School and is excited to attend UC Davis next fall. Tutu’s love for research, analyzing, visualization, and presentation has led her toward a major in Data Science & Analytics. Aside from being an exceptional student, Tutu runs a non-profit organization alongside her peers that provides free tutoring and donations to immigrants like herself. She is also an Energy Convertor scholar, writing over five published articles about the increasing student behavioral problems at schools. Tutu also enjoys several hobbies, including graphic designing, video editing, and singing. She is an active member of her school’s leadership team, where she was promoted from a design associate to a secretary. In the future, she sees herself using data science to reduce the increasing dropout rate in low-income communities.