Hadja Diallo

KIPP NYC Public Schools

Hadja Diallo is ambitious, intelligent, adventurous, and community-oriented, which will serve her well at New York University this fall as she begins her degree in liberal studies. Throughout her high school career, Hadja has been a part of the rigorous High School High Scholar program, in which she traveled to Carbondale, Colorado, each summer. She engaged in accelerated courses related to math, science, college planning, and experiential education. As a veteran of the program, Hadja shares her experience with younger students and provides peer-to-peer support, as well as feedback to administrators. She is proud of her Guinean-American background and remains connected to her culture through speaking her native language, Fulah, and spending her weekends at her Masjid. Hadja constantly demonstrates hard work, both in and out of the classroom, and is excited to pursue a career in caring for others at NYU.

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