Cionnie Pineda

KIPP SoCal Public Schools 

Cionnie, a Harvard Westlake and KIPP Southern California alum, intends to major in engineering through a joint program between Barnard College and Columbia University. She aspires to bring light to the intersectionality between the STEM field and social justice by approaching projects with a goal: giving back to BIPOC communities. Cionnie is the co-chair of the Latiné and Women of Color affinity groups, the Student Ambassador program, and the Coalition of Students for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion . She participated on a Beach FC Division 1 team and on the varsity soccer team, where she won CIF State and Regional Division 1 titles. In addition to excelling in her schoolwork, Cionnie has tutored and mentored KIPP students at KIPP Innovation and KIPP Corazón. She was also a Spotlight recipient which honors high achieving students on financial aid who have created an impact on the Harvard Westlake community.

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