Cindy Cuellar

KIPP Massachusetts Public Schools

Cindy Cuellar was destined to be a “Milagro” (miracle), or so her mom would say. She was born in Putumayo, Colombia, and lived there until she was 16. In 2020 for the first time, she said bye to her mom and moved to the United States where a new life awaited her. Currently, she is a senior at KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate, where she has had the opportunity to create meaningful connections and explore her possibilities to their fullest potential. She is passionate about traveling to new places and dancing. Traveling has filled her with core experiences that have opened her eyes to new ideas, whilst dancing has taught her a lot about herself and helped her develop into the young woman that she is today. After high school, she plans to attend Boston University and explore her interest in neuroscience and international relations as she decides her path.