Carla Crespo

KIPP One Academy, Chicago, IL

Ms. Crespo is known for helping her students make remarkable academic strides. Last year, her 5th grade students advanced nearly 30 percentage points in math and reading in just the first four months of the school year. On the rigorous “Access Test” to test out of the English Language Learner program, Ms. Crespo’s students’ passing rate is nearly six times the state average. Outside of the classroom, she leads after-school Government and Spanish clubs, provides tutoring four days per week, and regularly helps students and families connect with community resources on social media.

“I truly cannot overstate just how laser-focused Carla is on the academic growth and success of her students,” says Whitney Paul, KIPP One Academy’s School Leader. “Carla is the kind of teacher who truly does whatever it takes to support all students and families in a variety of ways, and does so with a positive and loving attitude.”