Araina Linton

Araina Linton is a Certified BodyMind Coach, Owner of Massage Artistry, and a licensed massage therapist who has specialized in pain and stress management for the past decade.

Massage Artistry has partnered with corporate fashion companies, schools, and small businesses to bring wellness programs to their employees.

Araina’s passion is helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs and teachers discover healthy ways of coping with stress so they can do what they love without burning out.

With her signature program, The Blueprint, Araina gives busy boss ladies a guide to creating a personalized work/life balance with more time, energy, and ease in their lives.

She’s empowering women to create more sustainable ways of working because she believes that discovering a profession you love is a gift, and nothing should distract you from your purpose.
Credentials: NY State Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified BodyMind Coach & trained in various massage modalities: medical massage prenatal etc.