Alfredo Hernandez Jr.

KIPP San Jose Collegiate High School

Alfredo Hernandez is a graduating senior from KIPP San Jose Collegiate High School. His desire is to study government next year at Harvard University. He currently serves as vice president of the student body and president and founder of the KIPP San Jose Collegiate High School Democrats. Alfredo has tackled critical community challenges plaguing his school. Throughout his high school journey, he has worked in government offices, engaged in political campaigns, and collaborated with non-profits advocating for equitable political education. Alfredo firmly believes in the importance of youth advocacy for shaping society’s future, emphasizing our prime responsibility to address crucial issues. When given the mic, Alfredo has openly addressed political matters at both state and local levels, including charter school rhetoric and homelessness. He believes that there is a collective responsibility to come together and address critical issues through collaborative teamwork to make a significant impact and create real change.