KIPP Foundation Team and Family,

In recent months we have seen increased efforts taken at the local, state, and federal levels to detract from the individual and collective power of our communities. While this nation is becoming increasingly civically engaged, we are witnessing attempts across the nation to stifle our students, staff, and communities’ voices at the ballot box. Instead of breaking down barriers, we’ve seen them built up. Voter suppression is not new. It has been a part of America’s election system since the nation’s founding.

No American should have to choose between meeting the demands of their job and fulfilling their civic duty in our nation’s election process. Until Election Day is a federally recognized holiday, it is up to individual organizations to take steps that aid in every American casting their ballot.

Therefore, KIPP Foundation, as an organization, is making the following commitments:

  • KIPP Foundation will ensure that staff have the time they need to cast their ballot and support local Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts by making November 3, 2020 a paid holiday.
  • KIPP Foundation will provide the necessary resources for staff to check their voter registration status and update their voter registration.
  • KIPP Foundation will continuously promote voter registration and remind staff to register and vote via internal and external KIPP Foundation-wide communications.
  • KIPP Foundation will utilize its social media influence and followership to remind the public to register and vote.

KIPP Foundation is committed to encouraging staff to…

  • Share/amplify safe voting practices
  • Contact friends/family before and on Election Day to remind them to vote and about local poll hours and locations.
  • Sign up to be a Poll Worker.
  • Get involved with a campaign or organization of your choosing that is doing election day work.
  • Have conversations with young people and those who have not voted before to encourage them to register and vote.
  • Donate time/money to a cause you care about.
  • Help family/friends get to the polls on Election Day and provide transportation, if possible; support efforts to transport those who may have trouble getting to the polls (e.g. the elderly).

As the Chief Executive Officer of KIPP Foundation, I take this commitment seriously and pledge to do my part to see this commitment all the way through.

Take a moment and visit KIPP Foundation’s Voter Resource Hub for additional resources!

Visit the Voter Resource Hub


Richard Barth
Chief Executive Officer
KIPP Foundation