Claire Godwin

Claire Godwin joined the KIPP Foundation in 2012 where she worked on the national Government Affairs and Development teams. Since joining the Foundation, Claire has raised over $80M to support the growth and sustainability of the KIPP network.

Claire then served as the Chief of Staff to the national CEO, Richard Barth, for three years. In this capacity, Claire was responsible for managing the national board of directors, fundraising, communications, strategic planning and designing and piloting new initiatives, including the first national KIPP scholarship programs, Goldberg and Amplify.

Most recently Claire transitioned to leading the national Policy & Public Affairs team, where she manages the public policy, advocacy, marketing, and communications efforts to grow the KIPP network and advocate for policies that make it easier for students to afford college and overcome other barriers to success.

Claire holds a bachelors of social work from Belmont University. She began her career at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee. She currently serves on the board of The Knowledge House and lives in Washington DC with her husband and daughter.

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