Celebrate KIPP Teaching Award Winners


The Harriett Ball Excellence in Teaching Award, named after the teacher who inspired KIPP’s founding, recognizes outstanding teachers from the KIPP network. The winning teachers, nominated by their school leaders, were recognized for their leadership in and dedication to improving outcomes for students in educationally underserved communities. Click to watch these excellent teachers getting the recognition they deserve.

  • Gabby Assayag
    “She lifts our team up and is the model of doing whatever it takes to realize our mission of #ToandThrough for all of our students.”
    KIPP Austin Obras
    KIPP Austin Public Schools
  • Michael Baptiste
    “He makes me feel strong and confident. And he makes me feel like I belong in this world.”
    KIPP Washington Heights Elementary School
  • Adrianne Capaldi
    “She is the backbone of our 8th grade team. She is the heart and soul of our school.”
    KIPP Infinity Middle School
  • Jason Leon
    “Rather than demand excellence, he inspires it.”
    KIPP NYC College Prep High School
  • Sophia Meuch
    “She sees the best in her students and lights up when she talks about their growth and achievements.”
    KIPP Iluminar Academy
    KIPP LA Public Schools
  • Letrinette Murray 
    “This teacher creates a space where students feel welcomed and encouraged to have confidence.”
    KIPP ZENITH Academy
    KIPP Houston Public Schools
  • Anthony Nguyen
    “This teacher is known as the math whisperer by parents, students, and faculty alike.”
    KIPP Liberation College Prep
    KIPP Houston Public Schools
  • Emily Ragland
    “Our kids are inherently happy in her presence.”
    KIPP Memphis Collegiate Elementary
    KIPP Memphis Collegiate Schools
  • Miguel Rodriguez
    “He wants all of his kids to shine and be somebody and learn from our mistakes.”
    KIPP Bloom College Prep
    KIPP Chicago
  • Lena Walker
    “Her ability to transform relationships with children, has led three of her students to come back and teach at KIPP alongside of her.”
    KIPP Reach College Prep
    KIPP OKC Public Schools
  • Kia Widlo
    “After recognizing that our school had a large population of kids with additional needs she pursued a Master’s in Special Education.”
    KIPP STAR Harlem College Prep Elementary