Celebrate KIPP Teaching Award Winners


The Harriett Ball Excellence in Teaching Award, named after the teacher who inspired KIPP’s founding, recognizes outstanding teachers from the KIPP network. The winning teachers, nominated by their school leaders, were recognized for their leadership in and dedication to improving outcomes for students in educationally underserved communities. We’ll be announcing each recipient throughout the school year. Click to watch these excellent teachers getting the recognition they deserve.

  • Cesar Alfaro
    “With every fiber of his being, this teacher looks to improve the experience people – big and small – have in our Sol community.”
    KIPP Sol Academy
    KIPP LA Public Schools
  • Daysy Arellano
    “As a proud, Mexican American woman, she willingly shares her experiences with her students and intentionally creates a space for them to do the same.”
    KIPP Star Harlem College Prep Elementary School
    KIPP NYC Public Schools
  • Geoff Carlisle
    “We truly do not know where our school would be without him in our building for the last seven years.”
    KIPP Austin College Prep
    KIPP Texas – Austin
  • Jamison Chandler
    “At KIPP AMP, he has built a program where music is given the same time and attention as an academic discipline.”
    KIPP AMP Middle School
    KIPP NYC Public Schools
  • Marian Fukuyama
    “She was able to ignite a passion for learning in her students, made the teachers around her want to improve their craft, and was the inspiration for how we think about instruction at KIPP.”
    KIPP Inspire Academy
    KIPP St. Louis Public Schools