La’Qoya Cooper

La’Qoya Cooper, a school leader from KIPP Texas Public Schools, shares her story and the importance of representation.

Eveleen Hsu

Students are able to have greater impact when then feel seen, heard, and valued by all adults in the building and by each other.

Toni O’Sullivan

It’s our job to see in our students their potential and help them unlock it. And I think that as a leader it’s my responsibility to also see potential in my staff.

Rashaand Sass

I am in this work for kids, first and foremost. What we are trying to do doesn’t work unless we have their trust.

Jondré Pryor

I wanted to make sure black and brown children were able to have the opportunities any other child was afforded.

Tania Hernandez

I got into teaching because I wanted to be a role model for children of color, especially young girls. When people ask me what inspired me to go down that path, I tell them about Ms. Harrison, my fifth grade teacher.

Geoffrey Roy

I call myself a learner first and an educator second. To do this work well, you have to be constantly learning and getting better...As school leader, I know it is critical that our team of teachers and leaders model the commitment to learning we want to see in our students.

Allison Willis-Holley

When you see this event, it’s almost’s almost like you have to remind yourself that the whole night has been about academics and the character that got them across the finish line.