State green-lights two charter schools denied by metro. Now what?

KIPP Nashville executive director Randy Dowell said he's willing to open the schools under the state's supervision, though he'd prefer to work with the local district. "The schools we operate are Metro Schools, and we've always been very proud to be part of the MNPS family," Dowell said. "We'd be excited these new schools could be opened with MNPS, but either way we're excited."

Charter schools change course

The expiring lease comes at just the right time for the national network that runs the nearby Kipp Tech Valley Charter School, which opened 11 years ago and currently enrolls 299 students in grades 5-8. This summer, Kipp will move its middle school across the street and into the space Green Tech currently occupies and then open an elementary school in its old space. The elementary school will start with 100 kindergartners in the fall, and add one grade each year until it's serving about 500 students across grades K-4 by the 2020-21 school year. The principal, Maya Tucci, attended Guilderland public schools. She has worked for the Kipp school network in Albany and New York City for nine years.

Multi-million dollar health care initiative taking root at city charter school

At many schools in the Baltimore City school district, one nurse makes the rounds at multiple schools. At KIPP Baltimore's charter academy on Greenspring Ave., multiple nurse practitioners, nurses and a doctor are at the school while classes are in session. It's part of a $5 million grant funded by the Norman and Ruth Rales Foundation being utilized by the John's Hopkins Children's center. The initiative, called the Ruth and Norman Rales Center for the Integration of Health and Education, is headquartered at the children's center, and offers a "wraparound, fully-integrated model of health and education."

Healthy Living, Happy Kids

[Shareki Chaney, Rales Center, KIPP Baltimore]: ..."There are many ways we are making it happen at KIPP. We're engaging the parents at their level-whatever they may need, whenever they may need it. We're making them feel comfortable now that the health center is there."

A longer school day, a smarter kid?

...Audriana's school, KIPP Stand Academy in downtown Minneapolis, is one of the latest education experiments to close the stubborn achievement gap among black, Hispanic and white children by keeping kids in school for longer hours.

KIPP Lynn teacher at head of the class

Jennifer Stocklin, an 11th- and 12th-grade English teacher at KIPP Academy, has always loved knowledge, learning and being a student.

Mending achievement gaps

For decades, educators and elected officials in North Carolina have been grappling with the most effective ways to improve the quality of public education. Now, a new international study of science and mathematics achievement is showing us where we have succeeded, and where we can go from here.