KIPP Tulsa: Moving Forward with Financial Literacy in Mind

By Eddie Washington

KIPP Tulsa University Prep will be piloting a career and financial literacy course for its 9th through 12th grade students beginning in the Fall of 2022. The new curriculum, College Knowledge (CKCS), was created by the KIPP Foundation and hosted by KIPP’s Forward office. It offers grade level appropriate information for career and financial literacy.

KIPP forward replaces KIPP Tulsa’s “to and through college” initiative, which gives KIPP Tulsa alumni access to resources to help them beyond college.

“KIPP Forward is our newly rebranded college career and beyond office,” Ray’Chel Wilson, Director of Development for KIPP Tulsa Schools, told The Black Wall Street Times. “So, this is going to be our office that prepares students 9th through 12th grade and beyond, even as they’re alumni, to enter college, to enter the workforce, to enter tech, to enter as entrepreneurs, really to be able to be financially literate and contribute to our society and beyond,” she said.

More than a number 

The course offers software that helps match students with colleges and career opportunities based on interest, rather than test scores. “It’s mainly based on their interests, not really too much of test scores when it comes to career options,” Wilson said.

“It’s like what type of activities do you like to do? What do you find enjoyable? What do you not like? And then it shares multiple different careers that they might be interested in at various ranges like 99% interest, 50% interest, and then it shows you the different skills within that career that are needed,” she added.

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