In an Ever-Changing World, KIPP Puts Families First

By StoryStudio

KIPP Albany understands this and is on a mission to provide high-quality, joyful educational environments to historically underserved communities. Their Whole Child approach sees and develops the potential in each student, knowing that happy individuals make for a successful society. Says a KIPP Albany Community Public Charter Schools representative, “We believe the future of the Capital Region is bright with opportunity and choice for all youth, celebrating the diverse communities and partnerships to ensure our area thrives.”

Their dedication to personal and community excellence has earned KIPP Albany an Empire Whole Health Heroes Award. This award honors organizations that prioritize an improved quality of life for all Capital Region residents, sharing Empire BlueCross’s commitment to maintaining the vibrant spirit of the Empire State.

Says a KIPP representative, “At KIPP, we are a team and family.” This community-driven approach creates a supportive environment that makes sure the needs of all parties are met, empowering teachers, faculty and families to maximize learning and give every student the opportunity to find their path and create a happy and productive life.

“We care about the success of scholars and the advancement of employees and believe in partnerships beyond the classroom to serve the whole child and family,” says a KIPP representative. This collaborative approach to student achievement keeps everyone engaged and inspired. KIPP’s focus on both academic excellence and character development encourages students to see themselves both as individuals with unique gifts and as part of a larger society that will greatly benefit from those gifts. The themes of teamwork and strength in diversity infuse every facet of KIPP’s operations, since the strongest communities are made up of fully realized citizens, each working to their particular strengths.

For the past two years, the pandemic has brought a variety of new challenges, from physical safety to technology to access to food. Like all societal problems, underrepresented communities have been affected the hardest. In keeping with their culture of inclusion and accessibility, KIPP jumped in and got involved. “We have worked with our families throughout this ever-changing pandemic, adapting and growing together,” says a KIPP representative. “Our staff has partnered with outside organizations to tackle food insecurity, to provide vaccine clinics and Covid-19 testing, and to offer enrichment programming for children, parents and alumni to best support our community.”

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