I’m only 17 and I’ve got so much more to do

ByQuincy Jones (guest essay)

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With a name like Quincy Jones, I am destined to be successful. It is a name that will never be forgotten and a name that I plan on putting to good use. I am only 17 years old and have done so much throughout my short time here on Earth and I have so much more to accomplish.

I have a strong passion for capturing the world through the eyes of others. I want to do this through making films that are meaningful, persuasive, inspirational and captivating.

While in high school, I have tried to be a well-rounded student. Besides trying to improve and maintain a solid GPA, I have participated in track and field, played football, participated in acting programs, volunteered at local community events, maintained employment and became an entrepreneur. All of these activities have given me some insight into the world.

Since I have a strong desire to pursue an acting career, I have attended many acting programs. For the past year, I have participated in the New Jersey Performing Arts Center youth program. I played Big Jule in the play “Guys and Dolls.”

The performance gave me the opportunity to improve my skills in acting, dancing and vocal techniques. This year, I had the opportunity to meet some awesome people and learn a great deal of techniques and really hone in on my acting abilities.

My ultimate desire in life is to be a filmmaker. I realized that I had a strong passion for filmmaking when my parents gave me a camera and allowed me to capture whatever I wanted. It opened and changed my view on the world and others. I have my own YouTube channelwhere I post short films and excerpts about my life.

During the winter of 2015, I began my own hat line called 1999qj. I design custom-made hats that people enjoy to wear. My hats are well-known in my school and in my city. In the spring of 2016, I began working part time at Lady Foot Locker as a sales associate. I enjoy my job and plan on keeping it for as long as possible.

Although the beginning of my high school career wasn’t the best, I have managed to overcome my shortfalls and excel in the things that I have a passion for. I work hard everyday to succeed in life.

My journey through life has just begun. I have plenty of things to prove to myself, to others and to the world. I know I will be the best I can be, as long as I put in the hard work and dedication.