Former KIPP Houston students return as teachers to pay it forward

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There’s a growing trend at KIPP Houston High School. Former students are returning as teachers to pay it forward.

Jessica Chavez is a proud graduate from 2011.

“We’re team and family, that’s really what KIPP is,” Chavez said.

From the Class of 2011, she’s returned as a teacher.

“It makes such a great impact when I tell students I was sitting in that same exact desk seven years ago,” Chavez said.

Graduating in 2009, Baldemer Munoz also returned to teach. He’s instilling the values he learned here as a student.

To show their support of higher learning, every year they set a fundraising goal for the 10th grade trip. It gives students a unique opportunity to tour out-of-state colleges.

Junior Issis Alvarato went on the trip last year.

“We were able to experience and see different colleges and through that, we were able to see what programs they offered,” Alvarato said.

She’s interested in Colorado University and hoping to become an engineer someday.

A fundraising goal has been set for this year’s trip. The destination is taking them east of Houston.

“Having that opportunity just opens their eyes to what’s out there and maybe you can even push them to want to do more than what they would’ve thought of just staying here in Houston,” Munoz said.

KIPP Houston High School has set up a GoFundMe page to help their fundraising efforts for this year’s trip.