Educators focused on making east Durham a bright spot for students

ByLora Lavigne

Some educators in Durham are taking on the new school year with a passion to make sure students in low-income communities can succeed academically.

KIPP Durham College Preparatory is working with a new program focused on closing the achievement gap and to meet students’ needs.

“This year, we’ve been very intentional about building a brand-new culture,” said KIPP Durham College Prep School Wayne Muhammad. “Instructional culture, operational culture, behavioral culture.

“KIPP has had its challenges since its inception here in 2015. And so, we wanted to come in and just make sure that kids understood what our expectations are for them.”

KIPP Durham is using innovative teaching methods to help pave a way for the next generation. The school leaders are taking a unique approach to education to serve a more diverse group of students.

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