KIPP Stands with Immigrant Students and their Families in Opposition to the Department of Homeland Security’s Proposed “Public Charge” Rule Change

New York, NY –  October 26, 2018 – The Department of Homeland Security has published a new proposed rule that would unnecessarily change the use of “public charge” in the determination of the legal status of immigrant families across the country.  The proposed change threatens families by using a back-door policy to reduce legal immigration and creates uncertainty about immigration status for students and families across the country.

Anecdotally, we are finding that the mere existence of the proposed rule is causing immigrant parents to withdraw their children – who are eligible US citizens – from critical nutrition and health care programs, as well as generating mass confusion among immigrant families about eligibility for programs outside the scope of the proposed rule, like federal student aid for college.

While KIPP does not maintain information regarding immigration status on our students and families, we know from self-disclosure that this proposed rule change is creating anxiety among our families and students.

Rich Buery, Chief of Policy and Public Affairs, issued the following statement:

Not only is this proposed rule change creating fear of utilizing programs that are explicitly named, it is discouraging our students and families from applying for and utilizing key supports not included in the scope of the rule, like Federal Student Aid and Federal Free and Reduced-Price Meals Program, that are critical in helping students from low-income families nationwide go to college and lead choice-filled lives. Immigrant students and their families work hard every day to achieve their dreams and this proposed rule has created yet another barrier for them to have to navigate.  We want our entire KIPP community to know that this rule has not yet gone into effect and that our commitment to stand with our immigrant students and their families remains as strong as ever.

Steve Mancini
KIPP Foundation
(415) 531-5396