How This KIPP Truth Academy Art Project is Helping Students Discover What Makes Them Unique

By Tom Wiedmann

NEWARK, NJ — An art project at KIPP Truth Academy in Newark posed a number of important questions to students: Who are you? What defines you? How do you see yourself? How do you want others to see you?

he project, “I am,” gave students an opportunity to answer those questions to illustrate not only how they view themselves, but how they want others to view them. The project’s objective, school leaders said, was to help students learn that despite having physical and cultural differences, they can still find commonalities through art.

“Understanding and celebrating identity and culture is an important part of our school community,” KIPP Truth Academy School Leader Princess Fils-Aimee told TAPinto Newark. “Our ‘I am’ art project gave students the opportunity to showcase their individuality and celebrate their classmates’ shared or unique traits.”

The project came to KIPP Truth Academy this year in celebration of Black History Month. Staff and students across Newark schools this year partook in the month-long celebration, honoring their history, ancestors, and cultural pride.

For KIPP Truth Academy students like Meba Santana, the “I am” project served as a way to discover herself and reflect on what makes her unique.

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