Find the best college for your major

ByBriana Boyington

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A lot of online college search tools and rankings lists are available to help students find top universities. But it takes more than a Google search to find the schools that offer the highest quality education in a specific major.

Many students don’t know what they want to study in college or have a clear idea of the career they want to pursue. To learn which schools have the top degree programs in a particular field, find out where graduates end up and talk to professionals working in that industry, college admissions experts say.

Professionals can give high school students with a major in mind insight into the types of skills that are essential now and explain where their industry is headed. Working professionals can also give students ideas about the types of resources and options that can enrich their undergraduate experience but aren’t offered everywhere, like paid research opportunities or study abroad trips within their major, experts say.

Students can use that information to create a college list and compare the types of classes and resources offered in each program.