KIPP Foundation Names Shavar Jeffries As Next CEO

September 12, New York, NY: The KIPP Foundation Board of Directors announced today Shavar D. Jeffries will become the next CEO of the KIPP Foundation. Jeffries will assume the role of CEO in January 2023 and will be based out of KIPP’s New York offices. The KIPP Foundation trains and develops outstanding educators to lead KIPP Public Schools, a network of 280 schools educating 120,000 students, the majority from low-income communities. KIPP Foundation also provides tools, resources and training for excellent teaching and learning; promotes innovation; and facilitates the exchange of insights and ideas across KIPP and with other public schools and education organizations.

Jeffries is a civil rights attorney and a preeminent advocate for educational equity and excellence. Since 2015 Jeffries has served as president of two national nonprofits, Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) and Education Reform Now (ERN).

“No organization is better suited to demonstrating how the country—across diverse communities, regions, and political environments—can deliver educational excellence and equity in the midst of the daunting challenges we now face,” said Shavar Jeffries on his role as the KIPP Foundation’s next CEO. “It will not be easy; fighting the injustice of intergenerational poverty never is. But, together, as a KIPP network of schools, we will deliver on the boundless potential of our children and, in so doing, change the nation and our world.”

He has been a long-time advocate at the KIPP Foundation and KIPP school network, as founding board chair of KIPP Newark in 2001, where he is still a member, and having joined the KIPP Foundation Board in 2019. He is also a proud KIPP parent, as his two children graduated from KIPP Spark Academy and KIPP Team Academy in Newark.

“Shavar’s allegiance to KIPP is deep and long-standing. He will be a generational leader for KIPP, helping to set compass towards our highest goals—lifting outcomes for students and demonstrating what best-in-class public education can and should be in America,” said Katherine Bradley, KIPP Foundation Board Chair.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, his public school teacher grandmother instilled in him an enduring belief in transformative education. He graduated from Duke University and Columbia Law School, where he concentrated on civil rights law and policy. Across his career, Jeffries practiced law, held public office as assistant attorney general in New Jersey, ran for mayor of Newark and served as the elected president of the Newark school board. Jeffries has a record of fighting for and delivering strong educational outcomes for children.

About KIPP Foundation

KIPP Foundation supports a national network of 280 public charter schools dedicated to preparing students in educationally underserved communities for success in college and life. KIPP schools are part of the free public school system and enrollment is open to all students. Started in 1994 as a middle school program, KIPP has since expanded to enroll more than 120,000 students in all grades from PreK through high school. Nationwide, KIPP students complete their bachelor’s degree at three times higher rates than the average for students from families from low-income communities.