KIPP Foundation Calls for the Passage of the First Coronavirus Response Act

We applaud Congressional leaders for staying in Washington DC, to work on and enact the ‘‘Families First Coronavirus Response Act.’’ As Educators, we know it is essential that families have internet resources for the ongoing education of their children during the pandemic, and that we are able to ensure students who depend on subsidized school breakfast and lunch won’t go hungry.

We also know that the lack of access to school meals and distance learning materials, disproportionately impacts Black and Latinx students and students from low-income families. Congress and this administration have the opportunity to make sure all students are provided with the meals and materials they need during this pandemic.

We are asking Congress to work together to provide essential waivers, funds and technical assistance to all public schools, charter and traditional that are facing shutdowns. We also encourage Secretary DeVos to work closely with Congress and with the other necessary departments to make sure that schools have a smooth transition to distance learning and are able to provide all students with healthy meals.

Richard Buery
Chief of Policy and Public Affairs, KIPP Foundation