Dreamscape Scholars

Are you a changemaker seeking mentorship, scholarship, and a community of support? Apply today to join the inaugural class of Dreamscape Scholars.

About the Scholars Program

Dreamscape Scholars will not just seek to meet or move the bar, they will reposition the brackets and post – redefining excellence for themselves and everyone with whom they connect. Daversa Partners, technology’s premier executive search firm launched Dreamscape in 2020. Dreamscape is dedicated to ensuring there is Black representation within the most important tech start-ups and companies of our generation. This scholarship program is committed to mentoring three amazing scholars as they bring bold, innovative thinking to their workspace and their community, and act as a catalyst for change.

Dreamscape Scholars will receive:

  • Stipends for critical expenses and last dollar tuition and room & board support  
  • An annual paid summer internship with the Dreamscape Team or one of its partners every summer during college  
  • A one-on-one mentor from the Dreamscape team who will support them through educational and professional pathways  
  • An invitation to KIPP’s Alumni Summit which includes registration and travel expenses  

Ideal Candidates

Selected scholars should demonstrate the qualities listed below through a two-part application process. The first portion will be an application with a required essay, resume, transcript, and recommendation letters.  The second portion, for selected semi-finalists, will be a presentation and pitch on how the scholar would use $150,000 to solve a current problem in their own communities.  

  • Academic Perseverance with demonstrated growth in academic progress and investment in their own learning
  • Personal Resilience and the ability to tell their “victory” story. A moment when they persevered to get a personal “win” despite the odds.
  • Leading through Inspiration demonstrated through school and extracurricular involvement that includes compassion for others and service to their communities
  • Bold Thinking and Innovative Problem-solving demonstrated through answers in the application exercises and real-life examples of innovators that inspire them
  • Changemaker demonstrated through their answers in the application exercises and consistent desire to see their communities thrive

Dreamscape '21-'22 Timeline

  • March 9: Application deadline for Dreamscape
  • March 17 (end of day) – Announce Dreamscape scholar semi-finalists
  • March 17 – March 25: Part 2 of application (instructions can be found HERE.)
  • March 25: Semi-finalist materials due at 5pm PST
  • Week of March 28: Virtual presentations *Will be in contact with semi-finalists individually for scheduling
  • Week of April 11: Notification to students

Application Part Two

Scholars participating in part 2 of the application process can find instructions below.

About Dreamscape

In 2020, Daversa Partners considered ways the firm could uniquely and effectively make an impact focused on intentionality and inclusivity. The result was Dreamscape, the firm’s largest stand-alone business unit which is dedicated to ensuring there is Black representation on the boards and executive teams of the most important companies and investing firms in technology. “Modern technology is one of the greatest opportunities for wealth creation and societal impact — with most of the financial returns accruing to the founders, early employees, board directors and investors in the breakout startups from each generation. Moreover, diverse executive teams and boards of directors’ lead to better results — they drive higher returns, decrease risk, and increase key performance metrics. However, Black executives have largely not been afforded the same opportunities in tech startups and venture capital.” Dreamscape was built on the premise that the tech community does not, in fact, have a pipeline issue, but rather it suffers from an access problem to diverse leaders – this business is committed to creating industry wide equity and transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dreamscape Scholars will receive stipends to cover critical expenses and/or last dollar tuition and room & board support of $12,500.00/year and totaling $50,000 over four-year.

    • Critical expenses and/or last dollar tuition and room & board support – $8,333.33/year
    • Approximate summer internship earnings – $4,166.67/year
  • To be eligible, you must be a Northern California, ​Southern California, or New York City current KIPP High School senior or Northern California, ​Southern California, or New York City KIPP Middle School Alumni in their high school senior year.   


  • Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate academic perseverance, personal resilience, leading through inspiration, bold thinking and innovative problem-solving, and an articulated desire to be a changemaker.  Additionally, we encourage applicants to ensure their application and essays speak specifically to their resilience and resulting triumph and personal positive outlook. Tell us about a time you experienced a personal win․ What is your story of personal resilience and perseverance? (150-200 words max)․ Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf. 

  • The initial application is now closed. Scholars participating in part 2 of the application process can find instructions HERE.

  • No. Current KIPP High School seniors or KIPP Middle School alumni in their senior year of high school are eligible  

  • No. This program is only open to high school seniors, not KIPP alumni. 

  • When you apply, you will be asked to enter the name and email address of two recommenders. They will each be asked to answer specific questions in a recommendation letter. They will each be asked to answer specific questions in a recommender portal on the application website. 

  • Semi-Finalist will be notified via email during the week of March 14th.  Instructions for the finalist stage will be shared at that time including ways to present their presentation and pitch presentation date. 

  • No, the pitch presentation will be virtual. For specifics on the pitch presentation please see HERE.

  • If you have any other questions, feel free to email Jose Mazariegos at jmazariegos@kipp.org.