Timothy Green, 2017-18

Timothy Green KIPP Baltimore

KIPP Baltimore Alumnus

Timothy Green grew up in Baltimore and is an alumnus of KIPP Baltimore, Pride of 2011. He attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute for his freshman year of high school before relocating to Columbia, Maryland where he graduated from Mount Hebron in 2011. After high school, he attended Howard Community College and joined the United States Navy in 2013. He joined the Navy as a Master at Arms (Security Forces) and is currently stationed at the Patuxent Naval Air Station in Saint Mary’s County, Maryland. His job consists of providing security for different military installations, ships, dignitaries, etc. During President Trump’s Inauguration, Timothy was assigned to the newly appointed Sec. of Defense General Mattis to make sure he made it safely to his destinations and surrounding areas.  In January 2015, Timothy joined the Prince George’s County Police Department. He started his police career at the District IV Station and after completing his FTO period, he transferred to District VII. Since being at District VII, Timothy has had the privilege of being Officer of the Month numerous times, one of the top producing officers for his district, and making a lot of great friends along the way!