Taina Quiñones

KIPP NYC Public Schools Alumna

Taina Quiñones is a proud life-long resident of the South Bronx. After attending KIPP Academy Middle School, she began high school at Riverdale Country School. While there, she experienced the race, class, and culture shock that would pave the way for her next eight years of academic study. Taina graduated from Riverdale in 2013 and entered Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. After engaging with fields such as film, creative writing, and archival studies, Taina ultimately pursued a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies with a concentration in race theory. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, Taina completed a thesis titled “‘You’re Being Too Emotional’: An Analysis of Emotions, Politics, and Affect Negotiation Through the Black Lives Matter Movement”, where she explored the intersections of race, emotions, and political conversation. Taina’s various academic experiences culminated in her steadfast belief that storytelling, in all its forms, can serve to empower those who are made to feel powerless. She currently serves as the Exhibit Content Manager at the Jackie Robinson Museum, where she works with artifacts and exhibitions to promote Robinson’s legacy of first class citizenship for all. In a world as divisive as the one we live in now, Taina strives to recognize and value the humanity in all people and believes that a little empathy can go a very long way.

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