Sharix Alicea

KIPP NYC Public Schools Alumna

Sharix is a JD/MBA candidate at the University of Connecticut (UConn). She is from New York City but has familial ties with the Dominican Republic. Sharix graduated from Binghamton University at the State University of New York, cum laude, with a degree in History. During her last semester at Binghamton University, Sharix studied abroad in India and published her research, entitled “Invisibility of Pain: Marginalized Groups in a Global Society,” in the Al-Shodhana Multi-Disciplinary Refereed Research Journal. While at UConn, Sharix has made a conscientious effort to be involved in her community and to diversify her experiences. She has held a variety of professional roles in the private and public sector and is interested in pursuing a legal career relating to technology, mergers and acquisitions, and/or venture capital financing. Sharix has conducted research regarding the effects of blockchain on the law as well as the misuse of algorithms in determining bail and sentencing. At present, Sharix serves as the legal intern for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation where she assists with the development of negotiation strategies for multi-billion-dollar logistics and joint venture contracts. Sharix is in the process of developing a model which mathematically predicts litigation risk. Sharix also serves as a Spanish language interpreter for the Asylum & Human Rights Clinic.

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