Roquel Crutcher, 2016-17

KIPP Alumna Roquel Crutcher

KIPP Memphis Alumna

Roquel is an eager mind and she is no stranger to being a leader. From founding her university’s NAACP chapter to changing the university’s discriminatory policies, Roquel dedicates her time to achieving equality. Roquel is a Class of 2016 college graduate who received her BA in Communications, Legal Studies, Economics and Government, as well as a certificate in Politics, Policy and Law from American University. It is from attending KIPP that Roquel noticed her passion in education policy and social justice and through KIPP teachers and administrators that Roquel learned how to use this voice effectively. Roquel has been featured in Washington Post, NBC Washington, and many other publications for her work. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, it comes as no surprise that Roquel loves listening to music and dancing. Roquel was a member of American University’s national award-winning dance team and plans to continue dancing as she navigates full-time employment.

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