Jeremias Campos

KIPP Massachusetts Alumnus

Since graduating from KIPP Lynn’s founding class, Jeremias went on to study exercise science at Keene State College. Ultimately, Jeremias joined the PEK Physical Education Honor Society before graduating with his undergraduate degree. Jeremias then returned to his hometown to work at various local gyms in hopes of educating as many people on the importance of embracing a healthy, fit lifestyle. Jeremias is represented by Dynasty Models in Fitness & Commercial Modeling. Along the way, Jeremias connected with a team of MIT and Harvard software engineers who developed an Apple fitness app, TrainWithMe where Jeremias became the second trainer and part owner of the platform. Jeremias connected TrainWithMe to be featured on Forbes in “Top 16 apps that guarantee success in 2018.” With the success of online training, Suave Fitness was created to help educate others on how to overcome potential hurdles when reaching health and fitness goals. Currently, Jeremias is in charge of mentoring and onboarding other fitness influencers across the globe as he continues to inspire his clients on their journeys. When he is not working on fitness related business, he enjoys bachata dancing, poetry writing, reading, running, basketball, soccer, and playing with his puppy Rottweiler, Hercules.

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