Jamelfrey Pacheco

KIPP NYC Public Schools Alumna

Jamelfrey Pacheco is a first-generation Bronx native and KIPP NYC alumna born to Dominican parents. Through the KIPP and Oliver Program partnership in 2003, Jamelfrey was awarded an academic scholarship to attend the George School, a boarding school in Newtown, PA. Upon graduating from the George School in 2007, she took her passion for learning and her desire to make an impact on her community to the NYU School of Social Work. In her first year at NYU, Jamelfrey began to work at JP Morgan Chase, where she developed an unexpected love and appreciation for the financial industry. Twelve years later, Jamelfrey is now a Market Leader and Banking Officer at BB&T bank, where she has led a her team to become one of the top teams within the Retail Banking segment. Jamelfrey was appointed Co-Chair of her region’s Multicultural Banking Committee and has led several initiatives to bring financial literacy education to under-served minority and immigrant communities in Greater Philadelphia and it’s surrounding areas. She currently resides in Montgomery County, PA with her 6-year-old daughter, Mya, who loves nature,math, her magna-tiles and reading.