George Ramirez, 2016-17

KIPP Alumnus George Ramirez

KIPP NYC Alumnus

George Ramírez is an unapologetic Latinx immigrant Bronxite looking to decolonize and queer the academy. As a Penn Fellow at The Loomis Chaffee School, he has begun to create more equitable classrooms in predominantly white institutions as a physics and mathematics teacher. He studied physics and history at Yale University, where he developed a passion for pop culture and social media in the context of Latinx studies. In his free time, George loves to dance bachata, go hiking, and listen to Bruce Springsteen. Grateful for his past teachers and mentors, George will focus his master’s thesis at the University of Pennsylvania on the way educators can build meaningful relationships with their students. An aspiring academic, George plans to research the ways social media coalesces the identity of Latinx adolescents while being a support system for students of color.

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