Erica Martinez-Close

KIPP NYC Public Schools Alumna

Erica Martinez-Close is a trailblazing Afro-Caribbean Latina business owner currently residing in the West Indies. Erica attended KIPP Academy Middle School in the Bronx and it was during her time as a KIPPster that she began to cultivate her global mindset. In 2015, Erica received her BA in Sociology with a minor in Black Studies and Theatre from the Colin Powell School of Civic and Global Leadership at the City College of New York. As a founding Director and Director of Strategic Affairs of Be Well Medical Group (BWMG) located in Trinidad, West Indies, Erica currently co-leads the company towards its ultimate goal of sustained expansion throughout the Caribbean region.  As a result of her leadership, Erica was recently named a finalist in The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Fall 2018 Caribbean cohort. Erica is passionate about creating healthier business systems and developing corporate cultures in the Caribbean region built on the principles of challenging the status quo, enhancing professional and environmental wellness, and empowering the workforce towards career development.