Dru Baker (She/Her)

KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Alumna

Since her time at KIPP TRUTH Academy in Dallas, Dru Baker’s drive has led her to establish and lead myriad programs that empower Womxn and youth. She went on to excel as an ABC, A Better Chance, Swarthmore boarding-student, and as a Bonner Community-Service Scholar at Oberlin College and Conservatory. While she graduated from Oberlin with a Bachelor’s in Geological Sciences, her transformation emerged after working with communities of color in Milwaukee and Africatown on environmental racism and climate change. Recently, she’s worked with the University of Pennsylvania to organize the Students for Zero-Waste conference, coordinate the Digital Resources and Methods (DREAM) conference, and plan a political pop-up art exhibit, Hostile Terrain 94, at the Penn Museum. She is now eager to work with people on a deeper level. After receiving her University of Pennsylvania Certification in Applied Positive Psychology, Dru will utilize her expertise to coach non-profit leaders, environmentally and culturally sustainable organizations, and Womxn to ensure their right to fearless authenticity. When she’s not coaching others through transformations, she likes to listen to music, dance, frequent dog parks, and discover magnificent plant-based food!