Dahiana Acosta


Dahiana Acosta is determined to reshape pharmaceutical advertising so that it encompasses people from diverse backgrounds in terms of both workforce and marketing materials. After graduating from KIPP Academy in 2008, she attended The Ethel Walker School for Girls, in Simsbury, CT. Following the transformative experience at an all-girls boarding school, Dahiana pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and Spanish at Colgate University. Equipped to take on the world, Dahiana entered the workforce as a recruiter at a small talent agency. Although she was not particularly passionate about recruiting, she quickly learned that she loved working with people. By leveraging her connections and networking, Dahiana was able to enter the field of pharmaceutical advertising as a Project Coordinator for an agency. Impacted by the lack of diversity in pharmaceutical advertising, Dahiana has made it her mission to ensure that marketing and advertising materials reflect the people of color that are affected by and in need of these life changing medicines. Upon obtaining a postgraduate degree, she will look to transition into a client role, which will enable her to set requirements that advertising agencies can follow when they generate materials. Outside of her work in advertising, Dahiana enjoys giving back to KIPP Academy by tutoring 6th – 8th graders and providing support to her mentees as a KIPP Career Coach.

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