Abby Cacho

KIPP NYC Public Schools Alumna

Abby Cacho is an Afro-Latina native to Harlem, NY, who has found education as the greatest path to success. Following her time at KIPP Academy in the South Bronx, Abby made her way to Deerfield Academy in the fall of 2003. Upon graduating from the Academy, Abby went on to the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Africana Studies while minoring in French and English and graduated in 2017. Inspired by her Deerfield experience and the wonderful professors she had at Penn, Abby decided to begin her own journey as an independent school educator at Kent School as a teaching intern. Following one year at Kent, Abby returned to Penn as a student in the Graduate School of Education’s Boarding School Teaching Residency and now teaches at Milton Academy in the Upper School English department. Appreciative of all her educational experiences, Abby is eager to create community-based and inclusive environments for all of her students as she continues her career in education.