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Launch into full-time positions that match your unique preferences with the help of KIPP and Avenica.

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KIPP + Avenica

At KIPP, we believe all KIPP Alumni deserve an experience that respects and honors all paths they take in pursuit of their passions, purpose, and plans in life towards financial freedom and fulfilling lives. Through our partnership with Avenica, we support KIPP alumni who are ready to use their education and real-life experiences to land a strong job in an upwardly mobile career.

In partnership with KIPP, Avenica helps you launch into full-time positions that match your unique preferences. They advocate for you through the job search process from application to interview and beyond. Avenica is proud to partner with KIPP and offer right-fit job opportunities for KIPP Alumni across the country.

About Avenica

At Avenica we are not recruiters, we are advocates for high-caliber talent whose story is yet to be written. Simply put, we work with you to get you hired. Through a combination of data science, psychology, and just the right amount of empathy, we are changing the way the world works.

Who is Avenica For?

KIPP alumni who are in search of a full-time role at the entry-level. Roles offered include those requiring a degree and those that do not. If we find a great role match that requires some additional training, we can support that too as needed.

How It Works

  1. Apply. You find a role you are drawn to apply via our Job Listings.
  2. Meet. If a match seems likely, we will reach out to find time to learn more about you. Think of it as a coffee conversation. Less scripted questions and more getting to the root of who you are and what you’re looking for.
  3. Align. We pair what we know about you and the role(s) we have available to find a solid match. Maybe it’s the one you applied to, or maybe it’s one we feel is a solid match given our conversation. We meet and discuss it further.
  4. Advocate. Everything sound great about the role? Great. Next, we advocate for you with our hiring partners and determine the next steps in the process. Meanwhile, we work together to prep for your interview.
  5. Launch. You know your first day details, have potentially done some upskilling, and are ready to start your new role. Ready, set, launch!

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