Support for Excellent Teaching

A great place to begin your leadership journey with KIPP is in the classroom where you learn KIPP’s approach to joyful culture and rigorous instruction firsthand. You can continue to develop as a leader while in the classroom by accessing Teacher Leader opportunities such as coaching other teachers or managing a grade level.

Training & Coaching

KIPP offers ongoing opportunities for career growth, both within the classroom and beyond. Teachers receive most of their professional development through job-embedded activities at their schools. They participate in professional learning communities and coaching at regular intervals. Supported by the KIPP Foundation, regional teams, and school-based leadership, teachers receive individualized support to improve their craft.

Instructional Toolkits

KIPP teachers have access to a variety of high-quality online instructional ‘toolkits’ that can be accessed at no cost, anytime, from anywhere. These toolkits cover key classroom practices such as Close Reading, Cognitively Guided Instruction, and Instructional Coaching. KIPP toolkits also include coaching tools, protocols, and guides to help leaders to support teachers in achieving instructional excellence every day. New toolkits on a variety of topics are created and added each year.
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A high quality curriculum plays a critical role in unlocking the potential of both students and teachers. KIPP schools’ curricula are rigorous, standards-based, and carefully designed to prepare our kids to succeed in college, career, and life beyond. The majority of KIPP schools use the following curriculum for literacy and math:


To achieve our mission, we support students to become strong readers from the start. Our multi-year focus on early literacy was created with the goal of strengthening K-2 instruction through intentional, comprehensive, research-based instruction in foundational skills. Our early literacy approach is rooted in science, partnership with families, and joyful learning. You can read more about it here.

Throughout grades K-8, English Language Arts is taught through the KIPP Wheatley curriculum. KIPP Wheatley, developed in-house alongside Great Minds, provides opportunities for close reading, writing, and speaking based on high-quality, diverse, and texts that are culturally relevant to students within a comprehensive, college-ready curriculum.

Key Features of KIPP Wheatley


Math is taught through Eureka Math a nationally-recognized curriculum that aligns college ready standards with instruction for grades PK-12. Published by Great Minds, Eureka Math presents mathematics in a logical progression designed to reduce learning gaps, develop persistence in problem solving, and prepare students to understand advanced mathematical concepts.

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Curriculum Implementation

For each of the curricula the KIPP Foundation recommends, we provide a comprehensive blueprint and plan to support implementation. We support our schools with the scheduling, structures, and processes necessary to ensure that implementation of curricula is a success. We also offer a robust catalog of professional development and instructional support resources detailed below.