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Preparing students with the skills and confidence to create the future they want for themselves, their communities, and us all.

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Tuition-Free, Open to All

Every student walks through the doors of school bearing gifts. Talent. Perspective. Drive. Inspiration. So at KIPP Public Schools, we support every student to see those gifts, then build the skills and confidence they need to thrive.

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Why KIPP Public Schools?

Joyful, Affirming, Academically Excellent

Together with families and communities, we create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students to pursue any path they choose.

Free and Open to All

KIPP is a tuition-free public charter school network of 275 schools with 175,000 students and alumni across the country.

Together, A Future Without Limits

KIPP Forward counselors support students to choose and prepare for a right-fit college or education path and a meaningful career.

Steps to Enroll

a timeline of the enrollment process. Apply November through Februrary. Lottery March through April. Register May through June. Orientation July through August. First day Fall of next year.


About KIPP Public Schools

KIPP schools are tuition-free, public charter schools open to all students. KIPP schools are united by a common mission to create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose—college, career, and beyond—so they can lead fulfilling lives and build a more just world.

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  • 94%

    High School Graduation Rate


    High School Graduation Rate

  • 55,000

    KIPP Alumni


    KIPP Alumni

  • 64%

    Percentage of KIPP teachers who identify as Black or Latinx


    Percentage of KIPP teachers who identify as Black or Latinx

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Frequently Asked Enrollment Questions

  • Like all public schools, charter schools are open to any student who lives in the enrollment area. There is no entrance requirement, such as testing or prior academic record. At KIPP, if a school has more families wanting to attend than spaces available, we choose applicants at random through a blind lottery.

    The enrollment process is relatively simple and is managed at the local level, so the process is different depending on where you live. Use our KIPP School Directory to find a KIPP school near you, and learn more about how to enroll.

    New KIPP schools start with a single grade level and then admit one additional grade level each year until reaching full enrollment. New KIPP middle schools open with just a fifth grade, then admit fifth and sixth graders in year two, then admit fifth, sixth, and seventh graders in year three, and fifth through eighth graders in year four.

  • Yes, anyone can attend KIPP! There are no admissions requirements. KIPP schools are tuition-free, public schools open to all students, including English Language Learners and students with special education needs. 19 percent of KIPP students are designated ELL and 12 percent receive special education services.

    There is no application required for enrollment.

  • All KIPP schools have their own calendars and bell schedules. Use our School Directory to access the website for your child’s school, or call a KIPP school near you to obtain that information.

  • When parent demand exceeds enrollment capacity at the school, students are admitted based upon on a lottery. Lotteries are typically held in the late winter or early spring.

    If students apply after the date of the lottery, they will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, as spaces become available.

    Use our School Directory to check with a KIPP school near you for specific dates and details.

  • KIPP schools provide a safe, structured, and nurturing environment with minimal distractions and more time for both academics and extracurriculars, so our students love school and maximize their learning.

    To gain this extra time, KIPP schools feature a longer school day (typically from 7:30am until 4:00pm), as well as summer school.  This extra time allows KIPP schools to offer a strong academic program along with art, music and other extracurriculars as part of the school day.

  • KIPP was started by two teachers and we know that quality teaching is the single most influential factor in a student’s success. KIPP teachers share one unifying characteristic: an unyielding belief that all children can and will learn.  KIPP schools employ mission-driven teachers from diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and constantly help them improve their craft with supportive professional development programs and personal coaching.

    KIPP schools comply with any applicable state and federal laws, and certification requirements for public charter school teachers vary by state. While many KIPP schools look for candidates with at least two years of prior teaching experience, several schools offer programs designed specifically for new teachers. Visit our page on Highly Effective Teachers  to learn more.

    To apply to teach in a KIPP school, start here.