Financial Planning for Alumni

Looking for better budgeting tools? Or thinking about investing for the first time? Think about attending a KIPP Alumni Network event or joining the personal finance community.

Managing Your Finances During COVID-19

From April-June 2020, Ashley Copeland, KIPP ENC Alum and Founder of Stacks and the City, led a 6-part series for KIPP alumni, families and staff about how to manage finances during COVID. The series included workshops on emergency financial planning, paying back student loans, credit, budgeting, homeownership, stock mark investing, and more.

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Apply to Lead the KIPP Alumni Interested in Personal Finance Community

On November 20th, we will open an application for alumni to lead or co-lead the Personal Finance Community. We are looking for alumni who've showed interested in learning and sharing knowledge and/or resources around managing their finances. Leaders of this community will advocate for financial literacy and financial freedom for alumni across different life pathways.

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